The Fourth Wall


Gregory Rick

From the Rat Hole to Grey Skull

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The Fourth Wall is pleased to present recent paintings, drawings and an artist book by Gregory Rick. From his early days as a graffiti artist in Minneapolis through war in Iraq and loss back home to his current art practice in the Bay Area, the one constant in Rick's life has been drawing – the need to make a mark and tell a story.

As far back as I can remember I've been working on drawings. I remember some of the first ones I was doing, maybe around seven. I was copying military illustrations from these World War II encyclopedias that I had. And I guess that's where I was first learning to draw, copying those illustrations. I would do those every day for a long time, for a really long time. I was in my teens and past that. I guess I still do them on occasion... Continue reading interview

Gregory Rick has exhibited at California College of the Arts, Bass and Reiner, Kala Art Institute, and Slash Art. His recent awards include the San Francisco Museum of Art SECA award, the Tournesol Award, the Artadia Award, the Yamaguchi printmaking award, and the Nathan Oliveira fellowship. He received his BFA from California College of the Arts and his MFA from Stanford.