The Fourth Wall


Michele Théberge

You Are My Heaven

May 11 - July 6, 2019

Concurrently, in the hallway gallery, The Fourth Wall is pleased to present, You Are My Heaven, paintings and works on paper by Michele Théberge.

Repetition is a thread that runs through much of Théberge’s work. Her paintings are an invitation to still the mind. “I begin with numerous layers of paint built up to a rich, luminous glow. Colors, glazes and iridescent pigments are brushed, sanded, sprayed and rubbed onto the panel. After which I pour several layers of clear acrylic and a non-toxic resin to create a deep, glassy surface. This surface allows subsequent brushstrokes and shapes to appear to float above, casting shadows on the color below. This distance creates an illusional as well as a physical depth. These compositions are characterized by thousands of repeated tiny arcs or hushed ovals and spheres in barely perceptible shifts of sheen from matte to gloss. The act of painting row upon row of crescents brings me softly into the present moment, offering the viewer that same space of rest and respite.“

Michele Théberge, born in Brooklyn, New York, is known for the quiet, meditative quality of her drawings, paintings and installations. Infused with the effect of many years of daily meditation practice, the acrylic paintings are built up with layers of transparent color, metal leaf, or spray paint. The subsequent deep layers of clear acrylic allow the delicate repeated marks or abstract forms to be suspended within or to float on the surface. Recently, she completed three paintings for the Precision Cancer Medical at the University of California San Francisco. Her works have been shown in museums and galleries worldwide.

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